News4 is a trusted source for news, lifestyle, and entertainment programming. Our local station provides a large scale reach and high recall for your message through commercials, product placement, integrations, and sponsorship opportunities.


Our Local Station

News4 is known in Nashville for our community involvement and efforts to get results for our viewers. Our station is a legacy station that has been around for 70+ years and the second station in the state of Tennessee. With leading syndicated and network television programs, local, regional and national sports, local news, cause marketing initiatives, and more, we are proud to produce and deliver some of the top broadcasts and community outreach missions in Tennessee.



TV Advertising

TV advertising can include an array of different tactics. We can help your business create a cohesive campaign via commercials, product placement, long-form integrations, and other custom sponsorship opportunities to reach your business goals. Our full-service production department can handle your broadcast television needs from script and concept, all the way through to the finished product.

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