Today in Nashville is Meredith Nashville's lifestyle marketing show on News4 that gives you the opportunity to showcase your business to local viewers.


What is Today in Nashville?

Today in Nashville airs weekdays at 11 am on News4. It's hosted by Carole Sullivan. The lifestyle show is a magazine-style show with longer segments to get people interested. The goal of Today in Nashville is to get the community interested in local businesses and organizations around Tennessee.

Today in Nashville is a great way to get your business involved with TV and the community. Each segment is also added onto our Facebook page where they will live for consumers to reference in the future. 



Advertising Your Business With Today in Nashville

With a dynamic set of hosts and interesting segments, Today in Nashville is the perfect medium to get your events, products, or services seen by the community. Clients can be highlighted in pre-produced segments and scheduled to air in our weekday shows. By advertising your brand through one of our segments, you are giving your business an opportunity to expand your reach throughout Tennessee.



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