Why You Aren't Seeing ROI From Your Current Marketing Efforts

Brett Fennell

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Aug 17, 2020 10:49:00 AM


We understand how frustrating it is to put your time, effort, and money into your company's marketing only for it to fizzle out before it gets going, with little results to show for it. It doesn’t have to always be that way! If you are having trouble seeing the results and ROI you want with your marketing efforts, consider some of the below mistakes that can be hurting your progress. With the right goals, strategies, and efforts in line, your marketing efforts can produce the ROI you want to see.

You Aren't Speaking to The Right People

When you understand your audience, especially their pain points, you can truly build on a trusting relationship that can last for years to come. One of the best ways to attract and retain new customers is by highlighting their pain points. Address their problems and show them how your product or service can solve these issues. Before you try to swoop in and fix the situation, you need to figure out what these specific concerns are and how they are affecting your customers.

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So how do you go about this? First, you need to figure out what motivates your potential customer, and second, understand who your customers are. Consider the following: 

  • What are your consumers looking for from your product or service? 
  • Are they looking for a financial or a service solution? 
  • Where are they on their specific buying journey? If they are not receiving the support, they need at these critical stages. It can deter from a company's product or services. 
  • What will catch their attention? If it is a financial pain point, the price will become a focal point. 

Over time, as you solve these problems, you create a rapport with your target audience that will have them coming back to your brand time and time again. 

You Aren't on The Right Platforms

Once you genuinely get to know your audience, it will become easier for you to target them and figure out precisely where to find them. However, before you jump on the social media train and post your ads on as many platforms as you can, you need to figure out which channels and platforms your customers are on. Even though 92% of marketers have said that social media has helped increase their brand exposure, if you are marketing on the wrong platforms, this effort will lead to little results and wasted time. 

There are different ways to figure out where your audience is hanging out online or doing most of their viewing. However, the most effortless way is to conduct a customer survey. Figure out what time they are watching tv, spending time online, and which social media site is their preferred platform. In some instances, some of these platforms even provide you with this information. For example, you can communicate with Facebook about your ideal customer, and they can help you find this audience. Once you know where and when your audience can be found, you will know where to target your ads.

You Aren't Advertising Frequently Enough

Another problem companies have is that even though they find the right platform, they end up not advertising enough. If you want to succeed in this ever-competitive field, you need to make sure to get in front of the right audience, at the right time, and create enough touchpoints. When you figure out how to advertise effectively, you will reach potential target customers and inform them of your services and products. Ideally, your advertising should be run frequently enough to capture your potential customer's attention and entice them to use your product. Regardless of which method you use, the ad needs to be consistent and clear.

You Aren't Advertising Long Enough

You may think that throwing up a promo for your company is enough to generate some leads. However, when that promo ends and you stop advertising, it will not lead to the results you want. If you want your advertising to take off, you need to run ads that people want to see continually. Just remember, a consumer may not need your service or product today, but there will be a new customer ready to buy every day. With over 40% of the world's population on social media, you make sure to advertise your business continuously. To guarantee that you reach those consumers who need you right now and those who will need your services or product in the future, you need to advertise for the long term.

Your Creativity Isn't Strong Enough

Now that you understand how often you need to advertise, you also need to realize the importance of creative marketing. Before you start running an ad nonstop, ask yourself if it is compelling, and is it getting your target audiences' attention? Understand that your consumers do not mind ads as long as they are creative and exciting. In truth, a lot of individuals enjoy being introduced to a new service or new product through well-executed, well-placed advertising. 

However, remember that it's not just about being good enough. If your customers have a negative ad experience, it can affect your brand. So what are certain aspects you need to ensure that your ad has? Make sure it is high-quality, that it provides a strong and proper CTA, and that it is polished and professional. 

You Don't Have the Resources to Handle the Influx

Unfortunately, in the world of marketing, sometimes no matter how much research you conduct or how much effort you put in, if you do not have the right people and processes in place, all your work may just be in vain. Before you can see the ROI you want, you need to learn how to nurture your customers adequately. Don't believe us? Consider this - leads are 9x more likely to convert when a company follows-up with them within five minutes. If you cannot handle this service you are offering, you can lose a lot of potential revenue. 

The most significant ROI exists for companies willing to develop a consistent lead nurturing plan, as those nurtured leads will ultimately become your most loyal customers. If you are serious about growing your business and increasing revenues, you need to get serious about lead nurturing ROI. 

If you truly want to attain the ROI and results you had planned for, consider working with a media partner who can help strengthen your efforts and start getting you the outcomes you want. In fact, a media partner can generate 43% better results when it comes to individual advertising efforts than you doing the same in-house. So before, you start wasting time on efforts that do not work, look into a partner that can provide you with just what you need.

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