Why Building a Sports Marketing Strategy Is Important For Your Business

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Nov 24, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Why Building a Sports Marketing Strategy Is Important For Your Business

Sports events attract a wide range of people, especially raving fans who are ambassadors of their favorite teams. This year, however, sports events have the potential to engage more people than ever. With fewer teams playing for fans in venues this year, people are more likely to watch sports on TV. For your business, that means increased opportunities to reach consumers with your sports marketing strategy.

The Benefits of Sports Marketing

Sports marketing has the potential to capture a broader consumer base, including the elusive male audience, who often prove the hardest to reach with TV ads. 

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Sports typically has a large following. It has an engaged, loyal, and live, not recorded, audience. Televised events are often DVR proof, too. Consumers are more likely to watch in the moment rather than coming back at a later time, or worse, forgetting about the content that they've recorded altogether.  

Overall, sports marketing offers an excellent opportunity to introduce your brand to new consumers. Different sports can help you reach different people, which means that you have ever-changing opportunities to connect with your target audience as sports seasons change. More than 154 million viewers across the U.S. connected with sports content in 2019. In 2020, that number could grow even higher thanks to increased time at home.

Why You Should Take Advantage of Sports Marketing

Sports marketing can help you increase your following. It allows you to introduce your business to potential new consumers, raising your brand's overall awareness. Aligning your brand with local sports teams can help you connect with loyal sports fans and ultimately increase your marketing ROI. Many sports fans feel a powerful sense of connection to their favorite teams. When you align yourself with them, it can increase consumer loyalty to you as well. 

How to Incorporate Sports Marketing Into Your Mix

Most small businesses can’t afford the cost of sponsoring a sports team. However, that doesn't mean that you can't include sports marketing as part of your marketing mix, including options that you can tailor to fit your budget, such as: 

Digital Ads Based Around the Game Day Experience

The game day experience is huge for many sports fans, from the foods they eat to the traditions they enjoy. Connect with fans by putting together digital ads that share how your brand contributes to the experience. For example, restaurants might want to offer tailgating food options. 

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Advertise on Game Days

Ad space during games themselves can come at a premium, but you can still look for opportunities to advertise on game day. Consider advertising during pregame or post-game content. 

Provide an Offer Based on Your Team's Performance

You might offer a dollar off for each goal scored or provide a special deal if your home team wins. 

Host an Event

Bring consumers into your facility to watch the game or host a pregame event. In 2020, make sure that your event complies with social distancing guidelines to make consumers more comfortable. For example, you might put the game up on a giant projection screen in the parking lot or invite fans to come by your business for a special treat before heading home to watch the game.

Participate in a Lifestyle Marketing Segment

Show how consumers can use your products to make gameday better from home. This year is an excellent opportunity to provide insights that can help consumers better connect with your brand, even when they do so from home. For example, you might show off some of your favorite recipes and dishes, display your sports-themed decor, or show how your goods and services can spice up a game day party and make it even more exciting. 

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Sports events offer many creative advertising opportunities for your business. By working with an experienced media partner, you can position your brand to reach your target audience through sports marketing and create raving fans in the process. 

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