What Types of Businesses Are Best Suited for Lifestyle Marketing

Justin True

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May 11, 2021 1:00:00 PM


When deciding whether your business is best suited for lifestyle marketing, it’s important to look at the benefits this strategy can have on the growth of your brand. Lifestyle marketing improves personalized branding, heightens brand awareness, connects with your audience personally, and is a more relaxed way to present content than other forms of marketing. 

From there, these benefits work together to build and maintain stronger relationships with your target audience, allowing your brand to not only resonate with consumers as a product but as a lifestyle choice. 

Lifestyle marketing is great for any brand looking to: 

Learn more about measuring your ROI

Create brand awareness in a unique way 

A lifestyle marketing show like Today in Nashville, connects consumers with local businesses and is well-established in the community. 

Your brand would be showcased as:  

  • Trustworthy — Today in Nashville is already trusted by viewers who have grown to love the show for its entertaining and helpful segments. When you align your brand with Today you earn a lot of that trust from viewers immediately.  
  • Beneficial — Viewers will be quick to find your product/service way more beneficial to resolve their needs when they see you demonstrate and explain the proper uses and advantages of what your brand offers. 
  • Valuable — Nothing adds more value to your brand like giving how-tos and tutorials on ways your offer can be more valuable than its basic use. Take electronics, for instance. The majority of customers never use phones, laptops, etc., to their full potential because they either don't know how or know about it all. Today gives brands an opportunity to shed more light on that area and increase its value. 

Reach consumers with Social 

Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 9.48.31 AMThis relationship with viewers isn't restricted to a certain time and TV viewership audience, either. Brands also get full access to Today in Nashville's social media following, with your segment being featured for everyone to see at a time that better suits them. This kind of access will allow you to extend your reach in your market much further while making certain that it can be viewed by consumers who are actively engaged with its content. 

You can also feature your segment on your own social media channels, allowing your current customers to access this content and bring more value to their experience with your brand. Not to mention it can attract more consumers to your page, increase your following, and improve your overall brand awareness.  

Align with a trusted brand to gain more credibility 

Trust, reach, and brand awareness aside, lifestyle marketing is incredibly helpful for brands who want to gain more credibility in their industry. It can be tough to match up against businesses that have been doing this for longer and have a more recognizable brand name, but you can start to even the playing field when you align yourself with a trusted brand like Today In Nashville. 

You don't have to go at it alone and find the right outlets and strategies by yourself. Working with a media partner can help find the lifestyle marketing solution that works best for you and your brand. 

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