Top Reasons to Get Involved in Music City Specialists

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Feb 18, 2021 9:45:00 AM

Top Reasons to Get Involved in Music City Specialists

A growing number of people are moving to Nashville, which means your business will have more opportunities to connect with large local audiences. However, you won't be alone in trying to grab and hold their attention. As you face increased competition, it's essential to stand apart. One of the best ways to do so is to become a Music City Specialist, giving you the upper hand over competitors in your industry.

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What is a Music City Specialist?

Through the Music City Specialist program, we work with one local business in each industry to extend their reach with local ads. By pushing your ads on some of the most popular channels and platforms, you'll be able to connect with Nashville target audiences

We'll help produce premium advertising that will be featured on News 4 TV programming, Today in Nashville,, and our social media channels. Leveraging all of these platforms will help you increase visibility among your desired target audience and maximize reach. 

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What You Get

As a Music City Specialist, we'll help you get the most from your advertising efforts in several ways.

Monthly TV Schedule

To start, you'll get a monthly television schedule to help you regularly advertise on TV. Many people in Nashville tune into TV every day, and we'll make sure you get in front of those audiences when they're most likely watching.


You'll also be able to target online video streaming audiences with a monthly over-the-top (OTT) ad campaign. Specifically, you'll be able to launch campaigns that achieve 86,000 impressions/month across multiple devices. These OTT campaigns are among the best ways to reach audiences who may not be watching traditional TV.

Today in Nashville Segments

Your business will also land a monthly TV segment on the widely watched program Today in Nashville. Your business will also appear on the program's website and social media pages to connect with online audiences. Advertising

The Music City Specialist website,, features small businesses to expand their online reach among audiences viewing the top local news stories. 

Additional Monthly Promos

Finally, you will also receive 20 monthly Music City Specialists promos with the inclusion of your logo. This can provide even more exposure for your brand. Each promo is limited to three sponsors.

Benefits of Being a Music City Specialist

Everything included in the package with the Music City Specialist program can help you get the best possible results. By tapping Nashville's hottest platforms, you'll see the benefits of effective local marketing.

Brand Credibility

One of the advantages you'll see is the ability to build brand credibility among audiences by aligning with News 4 Nashville. Viewers perceive brands featured on the program as credible because of their affiliation with a trusted news source.  

Increased Brand Awareness

You can also boost brand awareness by introducing more local audiences to your brand. You'll be able to use TV, digital, and OTT ads to reach many audiences who might not otherwise find you as easily. Even if you're using locally targeted digital marketing campaigns on your own, being a Music City Specialist can help support those efforts with an even more expansive campaign.

Are You Confident in Your Brand?

Increased Customer Trust

The more people see your brand on News 4 and other reputable platforms, the more likely they are to trust your brand. People rely on their favorite media channels to provide them with trustworthy content, including the advertising they support.

Become a Music City Specialist to Establish a Strong Local Connection

If you want to make sure your brand has the chance to build a strong connection with audiences in Nashville, the Music City Specialist program can help you succeed. By leveraging local TV, digital, social media, and OTT advertising, you will increase your overall reach and boost sales. If you're interested in becoming a Music City Specialist, contact Marketing Nashville to get started.

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