The Ins and Outs of Lifestyle Product Sponsorships

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Oct 5, 2021 10:16:00 AM

The Ins and Outs of Lifestyle Product Sponsorships

Aligning your brand with a lifestyle TV show places your brand directly in front of an engaged audience. Lifestyle marketing has boomed in recent years because consumers want to better themselves and become involved in communities that share their values. If you're interested in lifestyle marketing in Nashville, you can expect to reap some fantastic benefits. 

What Is Lifestyle Marketing on Today in Nashville? 

Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 10.19.28 AMMuch like cause marketing, lifestyle marketing caters to the ideals or future ideals of your target audience. Humans are social creatures with a natural need to belong to a community, especially if it promotes a higher purpose. Although promoting important issues can tie into lifestyle marketing, it's more angled towards the betterment of individual consumers.  

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A good example of a brand that uses both lifestyle marketing and cause marketing effectively is Dove. The brand established itself as a voice dedicated to improving women's self-image globally with the Dove Self-Esteem Project. Buyers want to experience these products and are satisfied knowing that the brand is backed by compassionate leaders. 

A successful lifestyle brand can take a simple concept and become top of mind with consumers. For example, Nike and Lululemon promote fitness products that inspire their audience to be happy and active. Jeep showcases its rugged vehicles with exciting commercials and branded adventuring gear, creating its own micro-culture.   

This branding strategy offers something that other advertising tactics can't replicate: a positive lifestyle change. With a dedicated brand community, you also get a natural form of promotion through word-of-mouth and social media recommendations. A caring, enthusiastic community will also attract outsiders quickly and grow your business. 

What Are the Benefits of Advertising on Today in Nashville? 

Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 10.21.29 AMAn excellent way to start building your lifestyle marketing strategy is to sponsor a segment on daytime television. Today in Nashville offers many options, from simple product placements to longer integrated demonstrations. You can also air your commercial during the station's popular programs. 

In addition to traditional television advertising, you can sponsor a lifestyle segment over connected TV services like on-demand and OTT. This allows interested consumers to see your brand in action if they can't catch a live demonstration. Today in Nashville also offers rich media ads through other digital channels, including email marketing. 

How Viewer Trust Extends to Your Brand 

When you align yourself with a trusted news program, you'll also gain the trust of that station's viewers. Today in Nashville has been on the air since 2016, with thousands of local viewers tuning in each week. The hosts share important news information, showcase interesting brands, and even hold live performances from popular music artists. 

Appearing on lifestyle shows gives your brand another level of legitimacy that other rivals might not have. Viewers have come to trust the hosts of Today in Nashville as leaders of quality content.  

Are You Confident in Your Brand?

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 10.24.40 AMThe station doesn't just partner with any brand that applies for a partnership. The showrunners carefully vet their applicants, looking for quality products that will make engaging and entertaining content for sponsored segments. Your company should also have a meaningful brand mission: how can your product enrich your customers' lives? 

A commercial that airs on television also often looks more polished and is held in higher regard than an internet ad. Sixty-one percent of consumers trust television marketing more than almost every other advertising channel. 

Sharing Your Segment on Social Media 

After the lifestyle segment airs, the station will place it on its website and social media pages for more viewers to enjoy. You can share these segments on your social media accounts for the rest of your followers. It's also a good way for the station's audience to discover your pages and follow them for more updates. Social media is a prime place to make positive interactions with your audience and inspire brand loyalty.  

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Social media engagement for home improvement businessesThese posts will also likely be shared by followers of Today in Nashville to their friends and family across multiple platforms. The reach of social media also translates into impressive ROI.   

Over 3.78 billion users engage with social media each day, primarily on Facebook. The average person spends 2.5 hours a day on these platforms, and 73% of advertisers say that social media integration is very effective for their marketing campaigns.   

How to Pursue Lifestyle Marketing in Nashville 

Lifestyle marketing can showcase the true potential of your brand and its offerings. A sponsored segment will increase brand trust and drive more attention to your business through social media. Reach out to Marketing Nashville today to sponsor a lifestyle segment on one of the area's most beloved programs. 

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