Reach the Nashville Audience During the Grand Ole Opry 95th Anniversary TV Special

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Feb 9, 2021 2:24:15 PM

Reach the Nashville Audience During the Grand Ole Opry 95th Anniversary TV Special

This month, NBC is airing a primetime special in celebration of 95 years of Grand Ole Opry. The show that made country music famous survived the Great Depression to have some of the biggest stars in music grace its stage. June met Johnny at the Grand Ole Opry, and Elvis Presley himself bombed in front of the crowd, only to go on and become the King of Rock and Roll. James Brown brought the funk, and Bill Murray crashed the stage. (Really, what place hasn’t he crashed!) 

The Grand Ole Opry’s 95th-anniversary special isn't just a huge event for country music fans; it's an incredible opportunity to get in front of the greater Nashville audience. 

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About the Grand Ole Opry 95th Annual TV Special

This special presentation of the Grand Ole Opry will be hosted by country superstars Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton. Several other notable country singers are on the docket to perform, including Garth Brooks, Luke Bryan and the band Lady A. NBC will also air exclusive archived footage from the Opry's early days and behind-the-scenes clips.

From its inception in 1925, the Grand Ole Opry is still a source of pride within the Nashville community. Even when its doors closed because of COVID-19, faithful fans tuned in to live streams until live performances opened to the public again. Opry Live was Pollstar's most popular live stream for 2020, with over 30 million views.

We've Got History Together

Reach the Nashville Audience During the Grand Ole Opry 95th Anniversary TV SpecialThe Grand Ole Opry is also broadcasted on WSM radio, where you can tune in at 650 AM and 95.5 AM. Initially owned by WSM, Inc., both WSM radio and WSM-TV were subsidiaries of the National Life and Accident Insurance Company. Even though the company is now defunct, its legacy lives on in WSM's name. It was adapted from "We Shield Millions," the company's former motto. After trading hands several times over the years, WSMV is now proudly owned by the Meredith Corporation.

Meredith Nashville Can Put You Center Stage

Given the Grand Ole Opry's popularity, we expect that thousands (if not millions) of viewers will be watching the anniversary special. The special airs this Valentine's Day and WSMV still has a limited amount of commercial inventory remaining in the show. Meredith Nashville can help your business create a successful and cohesive commercial campaign to air alongside the Grand Ole Opry special.

Tips for Creating a Great Commercial

A good commercial should appeal to both the target audience and potential new customers interested in your brand. Your goal is to demonstrate what your product or service has to offer and differentiate your brand from your competitors. According to Wyzowl, 84% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after seeing it in action.

Reach the Nashville Audience During the Grand Ole Opry 95th Anniversary TV Special

The quality of the commercial itself should also be polished enough to air on national television. Your commercial should have a clear CTA that invites the viewer to find out more about your brand. Let your customers know how to get in touch by visiting your store or website or by making a phone call.

Opportunities Await With Meredith Nashville

To cut production costs and save time, our station can air a commercial you've already produced for your business. If you don't have an existing commercial or aren't satisfied with your current one, Meredith Nashville can help. Working with a media partner can offer you invaluable information about future marketing campaigns. A media partner has a better understanding of the station's target audience, so they can help you reach more potential leads.

Media partners are also heavily invested in your business's personal goals and strive to create great marketing campaigns for every budget. Meredith Nashville's video production department ready to script your ad, film it, and deliver a top-notch finished product.

If you want to secure your spot for this unforgettable Nashville event, reach out to Meredith Nashville today. The Grand Ole Opry special airs on 2/14, so don't delay!

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