New in Town? Follow These 7 Tips to Build Your Local Brand

Justin True

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Mar 3, 2021 10:22:32 AM

New in Town? Follow These 7 Tips to Build Your Local Brand

If you're thinking about where to start your new business or expand your small business, Nashville is the place to be. It’s inspiring to see just how well Nashville is doing in terms of growth.

According to Nashville Real Estate, the number is over 30,000 a year, which averages as many as 82 people per day. Nashville is one of the ten fastest-growing cities and contributes this incredible growth to a burgeoning start-up scene, among other things in the last several years.

However, just moving your business to Nashville won't make you successful. Branding is essential to staying top-of-mind with consumers and standing out from the crowd. 

When you're new in town, it can be challenging to build your local brand. Here are seven tips that will get you over that hurdle and ahead of the competition.

1. Develop unique brand elements 

Your brand elements come together to represent and differentiate your brand from the competition. Creating your brand identity, image and personality are among the top components of your brand elements. Making them unique is what will make you stand out.

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How to make them unique:

  • Brand identity - Visual representation of your brand like logos, color, design, etc., can be made unique by taking the time to understand your audience and then positioning these components to capture their interest and speak to them directly.
  • Brand Message and Voice - This is your chance to connect and relate to your target market. Use what you know about your audience to develop an inspirational and persuasive messaging and voice that resonates while staying consistent with every brand element.
  • Brand personality - Humanize your brand by being authentic to how you want your brand to be seen among your consumers.

2. Establish relationships within the Nashville community 

Getting involved with the Nashville community is a must to build a relationship with locals. Consumers already expect businesses to be socially responsible, but actively getting involved positions your brand as a genuine benefit to the local community, making consumers proud to purchase from you.

This strategy is called cause marketing and involves for-profit and non-profit organizations partnering together to support a cause. Business2Community reports that Americans prioritize companies that are responsible (86 percent), caring (85 percent), advocate for issues (81 percent), protect the environment (79 percent) and give back to important causes (73 percent).

3. Be active on social media 

Social media marketing is still a thriving advertising method for most marketers. It's a gold mine for connecting, engaging, and building strong relationships with your target audience, especially when you're new in town and want to bring more brand awareness.

In fact, according to DataReportal, 490 million new users have joined social media in the last 12 months leading up to January 2021, and overall there are 4.20 billion social media users around the world at the start of 2021, which is more than 53 percent of the total global population.

4. Be consistent!

Consistency is key with branding! Every single thing you do should be consistent and closely aligned to your brand identity, message, values, etc. Every element and experience with your brand needs to be compatible with what you tell consumers you stand for.

For one, it takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember a brand, and consistency is the critical component of establishing brand recall. The top 4 qualities people use to describe why they are loyal to a brand are cost, quality, experience, and consistency.

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5. Build up your presence online 

You must build up your online presence with reviews, website, photos of your establishment, etc. It is the first place locals go to research and decide who they're going to give their business. Almost 90% of people use the internet to find local businesses. This opportunity is one you will not want to miss.

Not to mention it establishes credibility and trust. Believe it or not, more than half of consumers will not trust your business if it does not have a positive online presence. So, don't underestimate its potential. 

6. Be responsive 

You also must be responsive! This means responding to inquiries, social media messages, reviews, etc. The importance here is that customers have the opportunity to express how they feel about their experience with your brand - and that you respond as soon as possible to show that you care.

Your business thrives on the happiness of your consumers. So, your consumer's satisfaction should always be a significant component of your business strategy.

7. Advertise your business

Advertising your business is the only sure way to get your message out to consumers and in the forefront of their minds when making purchasing decisions. Whether that means TV advertising, email, or digital is up to you, but you have to get your brand name out there. The bottom line is, if they don't know about your business, they won't buy from you. 

Work with a Media Partner

Building your local brand in a new town can be a challenge on your own, but working with a media partner with extensive knowledge and experience in the area can easily get you over that hurdle. 

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