Marketing Strategies for Elective Medical and Cosmetic Businesses

David Welch

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Nov 11, 2020 8:15:00 AM

Marketing Strategies for Elective Medical and Cosmetic Businesses

Many times, people consider elective medical and cosmetic services for a long time before they make a decision. Often, they have procedures in mind, but aren't quite ready or don't have the information they need to take the next step.

That's where your marketing comes in.

As an elective services provider, marketing is critical for spreading the word about your business and helping more people learn about the benefits of what you have to offer. Check out these seven marketing tactics that will help you achieve your goals. 

1. Run a commercial.

A TV commercial can put a friendly face on your business and make it feel welcoming to patients who are considering using you for their procedures. Include members of your staff and give a virtual tour through your practice. You might include your before and after results for a glimpse at what potential patients can expect. For example, a weight loss services provider could show before and after images of a satisfied client to help encourage people to get through the door. 

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In order to make your commercial as effective as possible, consult with a media partner to learn more about the time of day when your commercial will do best. Your ideal time slot may depend on your specific target audience. For example, a practice that markets to older adults may find that they can place their commercials more easily during the day, while a practice that markets to 30-40 year olds may do well to place their commercials later in the evening, when their target audience watches more television. 

2. Have an FAQ page on your website.

When it comes to medical procedures, especially elective medical procedures, people have a lot of questions. They want to know what to expect from the procedure. What results will they see? How long will recovery take? Take the time to answer your customers biggest FAQs. Consider the questions you get most often when new patients visit your office or you interact with them on social media. 

While your FAQ page is important, there are some questions you should not answer directly. For example, you cannot guarantee what a patient's insurance will cover for the procedure, so you may want to encourage them to call you or their insurance providers directly. 

3. Highlight testimonials.

What can your procedure really accomplish for your patients? Is it really worth it? Prospective patients want to hear from those who have experienced the procedure and have good things to say about it. Many procedures have a long recovery time or sound daunting up front, but positive testimonials from people who have come out satisfied on the other side can convince interested patients to give it a shot. Place these testimonials on your website and within your ads to help draw attention to everything your practice can accomplish. 

4. Share before and after photos on social media.

It can be incredibly powerful for people to see the end results of your services and procedures, whether it's getting to see weight loss in a real individual or getting to see how laser hair removal really makes life easier. After seeing these results on real people, interested patients can more easily visualize those procedures on themselves. Make sure that you maintain patient confidentiality and adhere to privacy laws before showing those images. You may need patient permission before showing any images of their procedure.

5. Deploy a digital campaign.

Display digital ads on other websites: the ones your patients visit on a regular basis. Showcase your practice and what you have accomplished. Place ads on search engines, highlighting search terms relevant to your practice. Searchers often conduct an online search before scheduling an appointment. In fact, 79% of nursing home visitors, 61% of patients who need a chiropractor, and 84% of those looking for a physical therapist will start with an online search. 

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6. Incorporate video marketing.

Place videos on your website, utilize OTT, or post them on social media channels. Use videos to talk more about what your practice does, the benefits, and what the procedure actually looks like. In-depth videos can help answer many potential patients' questions and give them a better idea of what to expect if they move forward with the procedure. This can then build their confidence and help them make that first critical call. 

7. Use email campaigns to target existing customers.

Send out an email to past patients who might benefit from future services, or those who have had consults in the past, but never followed through. Provide them with more information. What incentive do they need to get over that hurdle? Consider what information or incentive could help bring patients back to your clinic. 

As a healthcare clinic, it's incredibly important to market your services. Get the word out, share what you can do, and provide a clear look at what benefits you can offer your patients. Working with a media partner can help you come up with strategic marketing ideas and execute them in a way that gets results. 

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