Lifestyle Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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Apr 13, 2021 1:15:00 PM


Lifestyle marketing is when you portray your brand as an essential part of the consumer's day-to-day activities. Brands like Lululemon and Nike are so successful because lifestyle marketing fosters a healthy community that leads to customer loyalty.

However, lifestyle marketing isn't just a tool for big corporations. Any small business can use lifestyle marketing to boost brand recognition and generate sales.

Are You Confident in Your Brand?

How Lifestyle Marketing Can Make a Difference

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 9.40.25 AMLifestyle marketing is a flexible strategy, so you can actually incorporate it into your existing marketing plans. Consumers aren't just drawn to health and fitness: it can be anything that they feel truly passionate about. For example, Harley-Davidson has a close-knit community of biking enthusiasts because it frequently hosts meetups and other events.

All you have to do is highlight your brand's products and services to a specific lifestyle. For example, you might operate a baking business that creates colorful cookies and cakes. Consider your primary audience and emphasize the importance of your product to their lifestyle.

You can highlight your baked goods on social media with creative copy that says no event is complete without them. You can also invite questions on social media about how the sweets are made. Doing so cements your brand's reputation as unique and swirls up good conversations around your company.

Creative ad copy using lifestyle marketing has proven itself to be very lucrative. For example, you may remember Apple's "Get a Mac" commercials, which debuted in 2006. These ads showcased how smart the Mac user was compared to their PC co-star because they used Apple products. When these ads stopped airing in 2009, Apple's yearly revenue had increased by more than 50%.

The Benefits of Lifestyle Marketing

With so much competition in any given industry, it can be challenging for small businesses to gain an audience in the beginning. However, if you can prove that your brand is integral to your target audience’s lifestyle, you'll gain a loyal following. 

Another great thing about lifestyle marketing is that your following won't become bored if you stick to this tactic. Customers trust and appreciate consistent branding. It's also great for profits: consistent branding was shown to increase company revenue by 33%.

Lifestyle marketing also allows you to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Contrary to more fickle consumers, this audience isn't easily swayed towards the competition with discounts and promotions. Instead, they appreciate a brand that feels more like a trusted friend that wants to help them improve themselves.

This marketing tactic also takes a huge load off advertisers' shoulders. They don't have to scramble to constantly craft new advertising strategies to attract new customers. Oftentimes, their brand's enthusiastic community is eager to spread the word to friends and family.

Lifestyle Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 9.40.40 AMOne easy way to get started with lifestyle marketing is to sponsor lifestyle show segments on local television stations. Look for a segment that allows you to showcase your product or service and prove its value. The segment should be long enough to get audiences interested and have a clear CTA at the end.

Showcasing your product on a televised segment can increase your advertising reach and also build brand trust. Television is still the most trusted form of media, even surpassing social media video. 

Segments like Today in Nashville can be especially beneficial for up-and-coming small businesses. Show host Carole Sullivan interviews business owners and allows them to provide detailed and fun demonstrations. Afterward, it's published on the station's Facebook page so that more people can see what your company has to offer.

Today in Nashville's Facebook page currently has 18,900 followers, so your segment will appear on all these users' feeds. Additionally, that content will be shared and seen by users who don't follow the Facebook page themselves. Lifestyle segments are a great investment because they generate leads across multiple media platforms.

Social media advertising boosts brand loyalty, traffic, and lead generation. After your segment has aired on a lifestyle program, viewers can easily find you and connect further on social media. It also allows your users to interact with each other and grow a healthy, supportive brand community.

Why Use Lifestyle Marketing?

Ultimately, your brand won't become successful without good marketing strategies and a loyal audience. Lifestyle marketing isn't just effective from a financial standpoint: it cultivates brand recognition and promotes long-term relevancy for your small business.

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