How to Market Your Home Improvement Business to Attract More Clients

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Sep 23, 2021 3:50:00 PM

How to market your home improvement business to attract more clients

As people are spending more time at home and renovating their spaces for broader functionality, home improvement contractors are now in high demand. Marketing your home improvement company requires a strategy that will get your message in front of a maximum number of people while they are shopping for a contractor. 

Here are a few ideas on how to set your home improvement business apart from the competition and attract new clients.  

Are You Confident in Your Brand?

Create a TV Commercial 

Creating a TV Commercial stylized iconTelevision advertising remains an effective way to reach a vast and diverse audience. Estimates show that there are 121 million TV-watching households in the US, and that number continues to grow. 71% of consumers report being likely to tell a friend about a product or service they saw advertised on TV. 

Talk to your media partner about getting a commercial produced and buying TV airtime. TV ads are a cost-effective method of engaging your target audience and increasing sales. They easily integrate with other advertising platforms to expand your reach and can be retargeted. Commercials aired on TV can be linked to your website and social media pages as a way to grow their viewership. 

Your media partner will know where to place your ads for optimum exposure.   

Deploy a Digital Campaign 

A well-planned digital marketing campaign will complement a more comprehensive strategy, or it can just as well stand on its own. Digital advertising has become one of the best ways to meet potential clients where they are in the ways they prefer to receive content.  

An effective digital campaign will encompass not only the creation of a catchy website, but communication throughout internet channels. By delivering a consistent message across various platforms, your home improvement business has the greatest opportunity to get attention, attract new business, develop relationships, and nurture your existing customers.    

Engage on Social Media 

Social media engagement for home improvement businessesIn today's climate, a social media presence is necessary for building brand awareness. Maintaining pages on sites where your target audience congregates is a good way to make your existence known and gain a following. 

Engaging on social media will help you build relationships with the homeowners you want to attract. By posting information that your audience can use like discounts or new building procedures, you provide value to your audience. Liking, sharing, and commenting on posts gives a human touch to your presence. 

Align With a Good Cause 

Shoppers want to support brands that care about the community and share in their values. 64% of consumers say they would buy from or boycott a brand based on its stance on a political or social issue, and 77% report buying from brands that believe in the same things they do. Businesses that have a purpose enjoy greater brand loyalty.   

Through cause marketing, your home improvement business can express your values to the community while generating awareness for your services. This is the number one way to bring attention to a worthwhile effort and build relationships at the same time. Your involvement in a good cause shows your customers that you recognize what's important to them, and you want to help make a difference.   

Stay in Touch Via Email  

Email marketing for home improvement businesses iconEmail is one of the top three distribution channels for brands of all kinds. With an ROI of $42 for every dollar spent, it continues to be a very cost-effective and valuable way to advertise your home improvement business. 59% of shoppers say that marketing emails influence their purchasing decisions while 80% of business owners believe that email increases customer retention. These statistics prove that consumers depend on and trust communication they receive via email. 

Your email strategy should cater to the audience you want to reach. Figure out what types of information they are most likely to react to and tailor your messages to resonate with them. Using a conversational tone can help potential clients feel more comfortable contacting you should they be in the market for improving their homes. Plan your emails to arrive at the right time and use scheduling software to deliver them at regular intervals. When customers know what to expect from you, they are more likely to give you their trust.  

A Media Partner Can Help with Home Improvement Marketing 

To draw attention to your home improvement business, you need a marketing strategy that covers all the bases and will get your message to the right people. The professionals at Meredith Nashville have the tools and the experience to help you meet your goals using in-house production capabilities, digital access, and established cause marketing initiatives.

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