How to Improve Your Social Media Strategy in 3 Simple Steps

Jacquelyn Walhberg

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Jun 3, 2021 10:51:00 AM

How to Improve Your Social Media Strategy in 3 Simple Steps

Millions of consumers use social media each day, making it one of the best mediums for advertising. Because the social media landscape continues to grow and change, you should frequently optimize your marketing tactics to adapt to it. Fortunately, it only takes three things to improve your social media strategy. 

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Establish Consistent Messaging 

What is your brand's overall mission and what sort of customers do you want to attract? The answers to these questions will serve as a blueprint to your company's marketing strategy. Customers appreciate consistent messaging, which may increase profits by as much as 33%.  

With that in mind, re-examine your business's social media profiles. Each bio should have a concise, accurate description of your brand's mission, with an appropriate avatar to match. All of your company's social media pages should also have a link to its main website and accurate contact information. 

Engage and Connect with Your Audience 

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 10.24.40 AMSocial media also provides brands with an easy avenue to make meaningful connections with customers. Friendly, helpful responses on social media establish your brand's voice and make it stand apart from the rest. For optimum engagement, we recommend posting once a week to drive meaningful discussions without overloading your followers with information. 

Social media is also where the majority of consumers go to research new products and brands. Consumers in both the Gen Z and millennial age range typically discover new brands through social media ads. Good comments about a brand on social media also increase the chance of a purchase by as much as 27%. 

Define SMART Goals 

SMART is a popular acronym in the marketing world that stands for: 


Time and advertising dollars are important in the marketing world, especially when your business is struggling. Vaguely trying to get more customers without a goal in mind only leads to confusion and wasted ad spend. Even worse, it can produce inconsistent messaging and potentially alienate your existing customers. 

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With concrete goals, your team will have something tangible to work towards and will feel more accomplished with the outcome. For example, say you typically sell 80 units of your most popular product per month. Reach to sell 85-90 units of that item within a certain timeframe, like five to ten months. 


With social media, it's slightly easier to track the KPIs of advertising campaigns compared to other mediums. You can determine the extent of your reach from the number of followers and replies on your posts. Web data also allows you to see how many people visited your website through a link on social media.  

Since link clicks drive social media engagement by 92%, it's crucial that the information on your website stays up to date. A high number of shares and likes are also good signs, as it means more potential customers see your posts. A post that's been shared many times also increases your brand's integrity and trustworthiness. 


Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 10.24.21 AMIt's important to set a high standard for your company, but you also have to be realistic. Setting a goal for yourself that you likely won't be able to achieve only sets yourself up for failure. It can also decrease your marketing team's morale and discourage them from putting in their best effort. 


Look at the skills of your team and the resources you have available, then create a strategy from there. If your region is going through a recession or other economic difficulty, you should also take that into account. Too many competing businesses in the area can also hinder the success of your brand. 

However, you can also use competition as an opportunity to improve your brand's social media strategy. Look at their profiles on social media and see what they're selling to their current customers. Their most popular posts shed light on what your target wants and, more importantly, what it can't get from other brands. 


Social media is constantly evolving, which is why you can't afford to spend too much time on an ineffective strategy. Many advertisers waste money on misguided marketing attempts with unclear messaging. Unfortunately, many companies don't realize this because they don't set dates to track a campaign's progress. 

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At least once a month, you should review your KPIs to see what's working. Pinpoint your social media strategy's weak points and switch those out for a more targeted approach. It might mean more brainstorming for your team, but customers will appreciate a fresh stream of content. 

How to Improve Your Social Media Strategy with a Media Partner 

Successfully advertising on social media is easy with clear messaging, positive customer interactions, and well-planned goals. Still, it's important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all marketing campaign. Working with a media partner can help you develop the most effective social media strategy for your target audience. 

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