How to Create The Perfect Commercial For Your Business

Carmin Pinkstaff-Puncochar

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Jul 22, 2020 11:10:00 AM


Everyone wants to create the perfect commercial for their business. It is not a new concept, as millions of commercials fill our television every year. Yet, many companies still do not understand what makes an effective TV ad. Well, the answer is quite simple; the best commercials are those that your audience remembers, including the message and the brand behind it. So why do so many companies struggle with this notion? Because they either do not understand all the aspects required in producing a decent commercial, or they skimp on details which end up turning their customers away.

That is why we want to provide you with the information you need to create the perfect commercial for your company. We will dive into some aspects that your commercial will have to include, as well as which aspects it needs to watch out for. 

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Represent the Brand Clearly

The whole point of a TV commercial is to introduce your audience to your brand. It’s known that consumers who are familiar with a company are more likely to spend money with them. If the commercial doesn’t clearly display that image, then that can result in a lot of money and effort wasted in the process. 

However, by using visual and verbal cues such as your brand's logo, name, or even the product itself throughout the commercial, you can convey precisely who you are as a company and what you have to offer. When you clearly brand yourself, you are not only creating brand awareness, but you’re beginning to create relationships with the consumers as well. 

It's About the Story

The commercials that stick in people's minds do not just sell a service or a product; they tell a story. Regardless if the story is meant to be heartfelt or make you laugh, if you can create a storyline that connects with your audience, it can mean significant results for your business. 

Consider the viral Budweiser commercial that shares an important message of "do not drink and drive" through a dog's eyes. The ad highlights the relationship between the dog and the owner through a series of scenes, with the owner leaving with a case of beer and a promise of coming home. As the dog waits alone on the couch, the commercial ends with the owner coming back, indicating he made the responsible decision of staying the night instead of driving drunk. Right away, this commercial moved consumers, not only promoting a social message that many will soon not forget, but it showcased the beer in the process. 

Don't Skimp on the Details

When it comes to TV ads, consumers retain 95% of the messages they see rather than read about. And about 72% of customers would rather learn about a service or product through watching. The medium of advertising on TV allows you to grab the viewers’ attention and reel them in with the message.

As you can see, TV commercials can have a substantial impact on your product or service. That is why you cannot skimp on the quality of your ad if you want it to be effective. No, this does not mean that you need to invest thousands of dollars into the ad production. Rather, you need to ensure that your commercial is professionally and adequately done. There are a lot of aspects when it comes to your ad, including writing, shooting, and editing. When done the right way, such as with the help of a media partner, you are able to produce a commercial that is not only high quality, but also fits within your budget.

Frequency Does Matter

Another critical aspect of a TV commercial is the frequency it runs. Even though TV frequency may be less demanding than radio frequency, if you only produce a one-shot deal, then your returns on this ad will not be very high, if anything at all. To deliver effective television advertising, you need to figure out the critical times your target audience is watching television, and you need to run your ad at least twice during those occasions. However, if you want to truly make your company memorable, consider that customers need to see your brand between five and seven times before they remember it. 

Tying Everything Together

As with any advertising or marketing campaign, you need to create a clear goal, a solid strategy, and figure out methods on how to get there. For any company, this process can seem daunting, especially when they have never created a TV commercial before. However, it does not need to be as difficult as you may think, especially when you decide to work with a media partner. These partners will not only help you create the perfect ad to showcase your brand. With their large scale reach and full-service production capabilities, they will handle all aspects of your commercial from script, all the way to the finished product, while ensuring your ad reaches the consumers you want. 

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