Holiday Advertising Ideas: 5 Strategies to Increase Sales

Jacquelyn Walhberg

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Nov 9, 2021 4:45:00 PM

Holiday Advertising Ideas: 5 Strategies to Increase Sales

Consumer excitement about the holiday season is in full swing. Shoppers looking toward retail therapy at the end of another uncertain period are anxious to get on with their end-of-year gatherings, celebrations, and fun. For that reason, the sooner you get your marketing strategy in place the better. 

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Here are a few holiday marketing campaign ideas you can implement now for a successful seasonal return on your investment.     

1. Produce a festive TV commercial.

With more ways for people to take in Christmas programming than ever before, a huge holiday season is being predicted for the content industry. A festive TV commercial for your business that airs during a holiday special or sponsors regular programming has the potential of reaching a wider audience now than it might at any other time of the year.  

The professionals at Meredith Nashville can help you create a memorable holiday-themed commercial that will bring seasonal joy to viewers while helping you reach your business goals. With a full-service production department, your TV advertisement will be developed in-house from concept and script through production and broadcast of the finished product. 

A TV ad is a great way to say Happy Holidays to existing and potential customers. It can establish you as a household name and spark the interest of those who are yet to engage with you.   

2. Sponsor a fun lifestyle segment on Today in Nashville.

Lifestyle marketing gives you the opportunity to showcase your business to local viewers while building relationships with them. It's a great way to put your brand in the spotlight and create top-of-mind recognition with viewers both on-the-air and online. 

Today in Nashville is a lifestyle program produced by Meredith Nashville that successfully gets the community interested in local businesses and organizations around Tennessee. When your business sponsors a lifestyle segment on the show, you can expect exposure to customers who share similar lifestyle traits and who will directly benefit from your services or products. 

Airing weekdays at 11 am on News4, Today in Nashville is hosted by Carole Sullivan and reaches an extended, engaged audience. Once aired, completed segments are added to the Facebook page where consumers can reference them in the future.   

3. Create a cheerful holiday email campaign. 

Your customers depend on you throughout the year for information they can use concerning sales alerts, product descriptions, and new service offerings. Because 4.03 billion people around the world use email, this is still the most powerful tool for distributing this form of content. 

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Construct a holiday email that's full of cheer and good-will toward your audience. Use it to mention last-minute shopping deals, extended store hours, and information on post-holiday exchanges. Your media partner can help you craft the perfect seasonal message to send out to your clients. They will have access to performance metrics for analyzing the campaign's effectiveness, so that adjustments can be made well before the holiday rush ends. 

Your holiday email campaign is one of your top chances of getting your marketing communication delivered to the right customers at the right time. 

4. Make a big holiday splash on social media.

Being part of the conversation is everything in the world of sales and having a presence on social media is a great way to engage with your audience prior to and during the holiday season. Social media puts you in the middle of all that is happening with customers, and it works to develop the persona of your business. Listen to what consumers are saying to find out how your brand can help make their holiday dreams come true. 

By posting videos of the exciting things happening in your store and your cheerful employees looking eager to assist, you can create a "fear of missing out on the holiday fun" bubble around your business. Posts of specials, fun facts about your business, and your likes and shares of customer content go a long way toward sealing relationships.  

Use social media to create excitement about the holidays and about your company. Your media partner can help you with crafting and targeting a message that will get you noticed and bring in more business.   

5. Get your media partner involved.

It's not too late to get started with your holiday marketing, and your media partner is here to help you increase sales. A stand-alone effort or integrating a TV commercial, lifestyle segment, email campaign, and social media campaign can help you effectively engage with your audience while promoting year-end sales. 

Your trusted media partner will get your holiday marketing campaign up and running in the nick of time!  

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