Helping Others Helps You: Why Your Business Should be Utilizing Cause Marketing

Jacquelyn Walhberg

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Feb 16, 2021 10:15:00 AM

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You likely find that doing good makes you feel good. When others witness you doing good, it can also work in your favor, particularly if you're a business owner looking to gain people's trust in your brand. Through effective cause marketing, you can appeal to local communities and show people that you genuinely care about the customers you serve. 

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Consider how a brand like Starbucks has invested in its community. The coffee giant partnered with Arizona State University to provide eligible Starbucks employees with free college tuition. The brand understood that the cost of attending college made it difficult for many to afford quality higher education and enabled millions to learn and grow.

Your brand can also make a difference with cause marketing and improve your brand's reputation in the process. The following are some specific benefits of developing and launching a cause marketing campaign.

Makes a Difference in Your Community

Businesses involved in worthwhile cause marketing can make a positive change that gets the attention of your community. In turn, you're more likely to attract customers who see how you've worked to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

If consumers believe that a company has a higher purpose than others, they're over four times more likely to trust them. 

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Nurtures Deeper Connections with Consumers

If your business gets involved with community organizations, you'll be able to connect with consumers and increase the chance of them doing business with you. As a result, cause marketing can create relationships with those who might otherwise not know about your brand. 

For instance, a retailer that partners with a local charity organization to host a food drive could attract consumers that actively support the cause. Audiences may find out about this partnership via TV advertising on their favorite stations. These audiences will then come to trust that retailer as a supporter of an organization they already support. 

Heightens Your Brand Perception

With cause marketing, your company will appear more trustworthy and credible to local communities, in what is referred to as the "halo effect." Based on your community’s support, this "halo effect" can lead people to perceive you as a reputable company with its customers' best interests at heart. Consumers will hold your business to a higher standard than those who aren't actively attempting to make a difference in their communities.

Are You Confident in Your Brand?

For example, your company may host a charity event in the Nashville area, attracting many people who may not have heard about your brand. Based on your association with the event, people are likely to view your brand as benevolent, even when they're relatively unfamiliar with your business. Because of your contribution and heightened perception, many people may be more eager to learn about your business and seek out your offerings.

Increases Your Market Share

As your brand becomes known for your community efforts, you can ultimately increase your market share. More people who come to know and trust your brand will be eager to purchase your products or services. 

Your brand may partner with a local organization to host an event, in turn gaining trust among customers in your area. As they learn more about you, they'll be more likely to choose you over similar companies not engaged in cause marketing. 

Expand Your Brand and Build Trust with Cause Marketing in Nashville

By deploying cause marketing campaigns that make a difference, you can stand out from other competitors and improve your reputation among Nashville consumers. If you want to increase brand awareness and attract new customers, cause marketing can be the key to success.

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