Five Reasons Marketing is a Safe Bet... Even on a Tight Budget

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Apr 19, 2022 1:45:00 PM

Five Reasons Marketing is a Safe Bet... Even on a Tight Budget

Building brand awareness takes time. When people know about your company and agree with what it stands for, they are more likely to do business with you. Marketing your business is really the only way to educate the public about your existence and reach your goals. 

At least five to seven impressions are required for consumers to remember a brand name and want to engage with it. Consistently presented brands enjoy greater visibility, and that brand recognition converts to higher revenue. The best way to achieve a high level of awareness is through long-term advertising. Even when budgets are tight, this strategy makes the most marketing sense for building a customer base. 

Let's look at the differences between short-term and long-term marketing and five reasons why long-term initiatives prove to be more effective.  

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Short-term vs. Long-term Marketing 

A short-term marketing strategy aims to meet goals that are just on the horizon. Maybe your business is new, and you want to make the location known to the community. A single ad placed here and there for a few weeks might seem like adequate advertising to you. Your brand may be hosting an event, and you want to raise awareness for it. Pop-up banners and social media ads leading up to the day of the occasion can seem like enough of an investment for now. 

While these efforts may indeed work in the short run, they aren't enough to help consumers remember your brand when they have a need. Repetition is the key to sparking memorization, and that requires investing for the long-term. A long-term marketing strategy in the form of television ads can greatly help with brand recognition. Advertising across all platforms long-term presents more avenues for reaching your target audience wherever they spend their time.  

The Benefits of Long-term Marketing   

A long-term marketing strategy takes the 'big picture' into account. It focuses on efforts that will drive results not just at the moment, but down the road. If your goals involve long-term relationships with a committed audience that repeatedly convert to sales, a commitment on your part and that of a trusted media partner are needed. An investment of six months to a year or longer can yield lifetime customers. 

Long-term marketing helps you:

1. Reach your target audience.

Reaching those customers who will most benefit from your products or services requires a level of persistence. A long-term marketing plan allows the time it takes for your efforts to get noticed. Once you have drawn your ideal customers in, your plan might evolve toward retention.   

2. Build relationships.

It's hard to build a relationship with someone if you never spend time with them. A long-term marketing strategy puts your brand in front of your audience so that they can get comfortable with you. When you consistently meet your customers where they are, your brand becomes a household name.

3. Gain consumer trust.

Shoppers want to support brands that share their values because it helps them to feel understood. With that in mind, part of an effective long-term marketing strategy may include cause marketing. When your target audience begins to associate your brand with things they feel strongly about, you become a company they trust and do business with repeatedly.   

4. Track results and plan your budget more effectively.

Your media partner has all the tools to track results of your long-term marketing efforts. With knowledge of what's working and what areas could use more focus, you can adjust your strategy as needed. This saves money by helping you spend more of your budget on avenues that give the best ROI.   

5. Enjoy a greater ROI.

Unlike short-term marketing, your long-term marketing may not see results immediately. The difference comes in the potential to gain new followers over time. When you invest in a long-term strategy, conversions add up. 

Talk to your media partner about long-term packages that fit within your budget. 

Explore Long-term Marketing for Your Brand 

When you embark on a long-term marketing strategy, you are spreading out your budget to get results into the future and beyond. As your target audience hears your brand's name repeatedly, it becomes part of their realities. Long-term marketing is an effective way of reaching your target audience, developing relationships with them, and gaining their trust.  

Long-term marketing is no longer a 'nice to have' strategy. If your brand is going to gain recognition, it is a necessity. Your media partner can help you develop a robust long-term marketing strategy that will get results.   

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