Credit Unions Benefit from Cause Marketing, Too!

Savannah Babcock

Savannah Babcock About The Author

Feb 10, 2022 2:00:00 PM


As member-owned entities, credit unions are uniquely positioned to benefit from cause marketing. Because credit unions are themselves non-profits that exist to better serve the community, it’s only natural that taking part in cause marketing efforts meant to improve the lives of others would be a good fit. Cause marketing helps credit unions develop deeper relationships with their existing local customers while attracting new business. It serves to highlight the leverage credit unions have with their customer base.

Here are a few cause marketing tips for credit unions looking for a community-centric way to market themselves.

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Establish Your Local Presence

In order to gain the trust of the community, it’s important that you think of yourself as a local entity. When you can back that up by creating a human presence, your target audience will open up enough to give you insight into the things they care about most.

Develop a presence on social media to engage with existing and potential customers. Comment, like, and share content to let people know that you are a real person with real feelings. Show them that you share the same values as they do with the causes you support. Launch an email marketing campaign to provide the public with information they can use about your products as well as that of your shared interests.

Cause marketing establishes your business as not only part of the community, but as an entity that wants to make a difference.

Partner With Other Businesses to Host Charity Events

Hosting charity events with other local businesses is a great way to get your brand out in front of community members. It demonstrates your care for them on a granular level and shows that you treasure being associated with them.

Events don't have to be big and lavish to be effective. It’s not about showing how much money you have to spend, it's about demonstrating that there is a heart involved in your organization. Cause marketing efforts can be done at the community or neighborhood level as in conducting a giving drive through your website or providing holiday turkeys to a homeless shelter. Your media partner can help you explore options that fit your mission and budget.

Give Back to Your Community

When you partner with local charities and non-profits to give back, it helps establish your credit union as a trusted entity.

Giving back can mean raising awareness about something that is important to your target audience, such as animal rescue, or buying sponsorship in a local cause marketing effort like Surprise Squad. The goal is to invest time and money into a worthy initiative that can raise awareness.

Cause Marketing in Nashville

Here are two successful cause marketing efforts in Nashville perfect for supporting a great cause and getting the word out about your institution.

Surprise Squad

Airing on WSMV News4, Surprise Squad helps community members with needed assistance like help after a flood, meals for homeless citizens, or the donation of school supplies.

Your business can take part by providing goods or services to help out deserving community members or by buying sponsorship in the effort. Local citizens contribute by nominating their neighbors or themselves with an explanation on why they want to be surprised. Hints are sometimes given on social media as to where the Surprise Squad might next make an appearance. For added value of sponsorships, segments are made available to watch on Facebook.

Your Community

Your Community focuses on individuals who have made a difference in the Nashville community. News4 wants to hear stories of inspiration and generosity shared by their viewers in order to highlight those contributions. Your sponsorship helps the audience learn about residents who have passion for their work and those who have unselfishly served the community. The effort serves to remind us of all the good things that are happening right here in our community.

Making room in your marketing budget for cause-centered initiatives benefits both the community and your brand. Work with a media partner that can pair you with efforts that will benefit both your customers and your credit union.