Community Marketing Tips that Create a Strong Connection

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Sep 7, 2021 9:08:00 AM

Community Marketing Tips that Create a Strong Connection

Brands that lead with purpose are changing business for good. Purpose-driven brands outperform the stock market by 120%, making it clear that consumers gravitate toward companies that uphold strong values. Through community marketing and cause marketing, brands can create a strong connection with their target audience built on trust. 

A thriving community marketing strategy involves forming a solid brand presence to interact with consumers, and the following tips will help you develop that connection.  

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Think Local 

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 9.06.13 AMAn excellent place to begin your community marketing initiative is in the local community. What topics are important to your local audience and what can you do about them?  

By supporting a local cause, your brand will strengthen the relationship with your existing customer base, and it may have the added benefit of attracting new business. Advertising locally establishes your company as a member of the community and a trusted source.  

Contribute Like a Pro 

social media presence is important for fostering brand loyalty. You must contribute regularly and listen to your audience to learn what is important to them. Follow up by participating in online conversations and initiating posts as well. 

Taking part in the conversation goes a long way toward developing relationships, and it shows that you want to be a part of your customers' lives. You want your audience to look forward to your contributions.  

Be Accessible 

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 9.06.19 AMYour audience needs assurance that there is a human connection behind your social media presence. Answer any questions promptly and thank posters for their compliments. Be there to help your customers solve their problems and to share in their triumphs. If you get a bad review, ask how you can make things right.  

Reward your customers with your presence. Being accessible exhibits that you are present for them in good times and in bad.    

Create Raving Fans 

A key to your community marketing is to nurture your fan base consistently.  Being responsive to customers shows that you care for them and are concerned with their well-being. Continually providing your audience with incentives and information that they can use is an excellent way to turn them into die-hard fans.  

When you use community marketing to give your audience a positive experience, they don't just become loyal to your brand. They become members of a like-minded community. Maintain that connection with conversation and support.      

Use Community Advertising 

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 9.06.24 AMCommunity advertising done in partnership with reputable causes can boost your brand identity and align you with customers that share the same values. Supporting a local charity event can go a long way in inspiring potential customers to learn more about your brand. Find out which marketing channels are popular with your customers and establish a presence. Your media partner can help you determine what avenues are best for reaching your particular customers and can help you craft an effective strategy.   

Be Consistent 

To be the most effective, your marketing must remain consistent across all channels without becoming boring. Hone your message and get it out to as many places as you can while tweaking the creative to reflect best practices on each platform. Keep your communication in line with what your customers expect in terms of frequency. 


Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 9.06.28 AMConsumers have more choice than ever before, and it can be challenging to get their attention. What's more, they expect to feel heard, recognized, and important. Building a community for your customers is paramount to repeat business, and frequent engagement makes that possible. Look for ways to keep the conversation going by posting on social media often, responding to your audience's posts, and liking and sharing what they have to say. 

Take advantage of opportunities to participate in community events that support local causes. When you consistently engage with your target audience, you help build a community around your brand. 

Your Media Partner Can Help with Community Marketing  

Nurturing your existing clientele helps keep your brand at the forefront of their minds. Through engagement, consistency, and accessibility, you help your customers feel special and part of one big family. This translates to repeat business. To identify community marketing opportunities in Nashville, reach out to your media partner.  

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