A Guide to Digital Marketing in Nashville

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Apr 7, 2022 9:27:03 AM

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Digital marketing offers several different avenues for marketers to reach new leads and loyal customers. Wherever they might be, growing your target audience is easier than ever with digital marketing in Nashville! You may be wondering, why is it so important to integrate this strategy into your campaigns, and exactly what perks does it offer?

5 Ways to Spend Your Digital Dollars Wisely

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing comes in many different forms. When combined with analytics software, you can gain valuable information about your target demographic's needs and interests. Here are a few of the top digital marketing tactics to consider:

Content Marketing and SEO

Content marketing is even more effective when you use SEO best practices. With relevant keywords sprinkled throughout your text, your website is more likely to appear in online search engine results. 75% of marketers said that SEO optimization was the most efficient tactic that they used in 2020.

Email Marketing

You can also repurpose some of your blogs as newsletters for email marketing. Millions of people check their email daily, so it's a perfect time to reach your target when they're ready to be engaged. Even better, you can use segmentation to personalize the content each user receives.

Mobile Optimization

A surprising number of people do their online research about products exclusively on mobile devices! It's important to have every area of your website optimized for both desktop and mobile browsers. Mobile users in particular also interact with brands more frequently on social media than on an actual computer. That's why it's important to cultivate a friendly and engaging community on multiple social channels. It's also a great space to develop your brand's voice through one-on-one interactions with your audience!

Video Marketing/OTT

Using the moving visual and audio elements of video marketing is a great way to enhance any digital marketing campaign. A video stands out on social media feeds and websites, making users more likely to watch it. If you already have a television commercial, you can easily reuse it for your digital audience!

What Are The Benefits of Digital Marketing?

Each year, statistics show that the success of digital marketing is constantly growing. Last year, HubSpot says that 82% of advertisers reported using content marketing in their campaigns. Social engagement through content marketing was also elevated this year, up by 187% since 2020!

Over half of the advertisers in this survey considered video advertising to be their primary method of engaging their audiences. Video isn't just eye-catching: it also allows you to tap into your audience's emotions in a way that text alone can't accomplish. Some of the most popular brands, like Budweiser and Old Spice, gained a lot of cultural recognition just from their commercials!

The HubSpot report also shows us that Instagram and Facebook were the most popular social media platforms used by advertisers. Facebook was determined to generate the most ROI, which is no surprise considering the millions of active users online each day. Even if you don't know which social media platforms your audience prefers, Facebook posts and ads are a great start!

While keywords are regarded to be the most important part of SEO, there are also a lot of benefits for localization. According to Google, the search query 'store open near me' saw a 250% increase over two years' time. If your store has a physical location, it's always important to keep an updated listing of its address and operating hours.

Even if your audience doesn't actually search for your content, email marketing can do the work for them. It's a great place to highlight promotions and sales that could get buried in social media timelines. You can encourage more people to sign up for emails by awarding them with coupon codes and freebies.

What Is The Importance of Developing Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Smaller businesses in particular might be hesitant about investing their advertising dollars into any new strategy. Fortunately, they can rest assured that every method of digital marketing has an incredibly rewarding ROI. For email marketing alone, marketers received $42 for every dollar spent!

Part of this success is due to just how many people use computers, mobile devices, and social media. While traditional marketing avenues can still be effective, an increasing number of Gen Z consumers prefer to be reached digitally. Since these consumers have the most purchasing power, we can expect digital marketing to be beneficial for a long time.

Using digital marketing tactics also doesn't mean that you have to scrap existing traditional advertising methods! In fact, using both together substantially increases ROI and helps develop brand consistency across each platform.

The Best Digital Marketing in Nashville

Because there are so many ways to advertise your business digitally, the benefits and implementation methods are endless! Of course, this can also overwhelm advertisers who don't have experience with digital marketing. In this case, a professional media partner can help you get started!

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