7 Tips for Creating a Memorable TV Commercial in Nashville

Carmin Pinkstaff-Puncochar

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May 18, 2021 12:00:00 PM

7 Tips for Creating a Memorable TV Commercial in Nashville

Television commercials continue to be one of the most popular forms of advertising. They have a broad reach and provide a multi-sensory experience for viewers. They can also make a bigger impact than other types of communication. A well-run, professionally produced TV ad campaign can have as much as a 300 percent ROI.  

 The Nashville market is unique in that it is diverse and continually growing. Let's discuss how to create a memorable TV commercial in Nashville. 

Avoid These Mistakes When Creating Your Commercial

1. Decide on a Subject

Decide on the Subject of your TV CommercialThe first step in constructing your ad is deciding where to focus your message. Is there a specific aspect of your company that you want to make known in the community? Have you changed locations or added new products or services? 

Whether you need to make the community aware of your existence or you are simply looking for an increase in sales, you will need to tailor your communication to include relevant information. Choose a topic that reflects your current goals. 

2. Choose a Call-to-Action

Your ad should include some action you want viewers to take. That may be physically coming into the business to see what's new or to take advantage of a sale. It could also be visiting the website for more information.  

Your call-to-action should be stated clearly one or more times during the ad. Graphics that include a phone number, address, or website can be very helpful in this regard.

3. Prepare a Script

Prepare a Script for Your TV CommercialIn a TV ad, you have a few seconds to inform, convince, entertain, and make an impact on your target audience. Make every second count. Write a script that encompasses the purpose of your ad, and what you want consumers to take away from it. Make it memorable by honing your message and making it snappy. Consider the emotional experience you want viewers to have and weave that into your writing. 

An effective script will get your message across and make your brand stand out in the minds of potential customers.

4. Choose Your Talent

Decide whether you want to use employees from your business or if hiring actors would work better for your TV ad campaign. Think about your target audience and go with faces that they can relate to. If your commercial will be animated or not include people, just pictures, you need to select a voice that will attract attention and keep it. That may be your voice or one that sounds like the people you hope will take notice. 

5. Plan the Shot List

Planning a Shot List for a TV CommercialWhere do you plan to shoot your commercial? You can do it at your business or some other location, or you can go with a set. The "B-roll" in television lingo refers to the moving pictures in your ad. Think about what you want viewers to see and make sure you show that in its best light. 

Decide how many shots you will need for your commercial to be effective and plan them out in as much detail as possible. A detailed shot sheet will save time during production because you will know exactly what you need to get. It will also prevent having to go back for more shots to make your ad work.   

6. Shoot the Commercial

Shooting a commercial can be a lot of fun, if you plan well. Remember to get clearance for on-location shoots beforehand, or your time will be wasted. Working with a media partner to produce your commercial can save you a lot of hassle, especially if you are a novice. They will have the knowledge and all the equipment needed to create a top-notch ad for your company.   

7. Post-Production

Post-production of your commercial includes: 

  • Editing video  
  • Creating a visual and audio narrative that makes sense and conveys your message effectively 
  • Adding graphics 

Working with a TV station that has in-house production is a cost-effective way to get your ad completed and your brand message out there.  

What's involved in TV commercial post-productionCreating the perfect commercial takes planning. While you can certainly try to do it alone, if you have no experience in one or more aspects, it can become quite frustrating. The key is to partner with a media company that can handle all the details to help you make the impression you want to make. The professionals at Meredith Nashville have the resources, knowledge, and equipment to create a memorable ad for your brand from start to finish.  

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