5 Unique Legal Marketing Ideas for Your Law Firm

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Jan 5, 2021 2:15:00 PM

5 Unique Legal Marketing Ideas for Your Law Firm

No one gets married thinking it will end in divorce, and divorce attorneys certainly aren't on the newlyweds’ radar. This type of scenario puts law firms in a unique position compared to other businesses when it comes to marketing their services. They need to advertise consistently so that when their target audience has a problem, the firm will be top-of-mind. 

People want to trust an attorney they may need to consult with over a long period of time as they work to settle a case. This is considerably different from traditional businesses that sell products or services that people use on a regular basis. 

To reach your target audience and build trust among prospective clients, it's essential to know how to approach your marketing. The following legal marketing ideas can help you develop successful campaigns that set you apart from competing firms.

Create a Brand Awareness TV Commercial

tv commercialOne effective way your firm can connect with audiences is to produce a TV commercial based on brand awareness. A well-produced commercial can help you extend your reach and become more recognizable to audiences in your area.

When creating a commercial, you need to develop a unique positioning statement, which will help make sure your message stands out amid the clutter of other legal ads. Many lawyers tend to rely heavily on TV advertising to reach large segments of their audiences, so you'll need to do what you can to make your firm more memorable.

Learn More About Developing TV Ads That Get Results

TV commercials are significant for law firms because people don't actively reach out to an attorney until they need one. This means that people aren't likely spending too much time searching online for attorneys. Instead, they may be eager to contact the first one to reach out to them and make their presence known.

For instance, you could develop a commercial that features your legal team discussing how you work to help your clients, advertising certain benefits of working with you that clients won't get with other law firms. You can also use the ad to create a memorable jingle for your phone number that local audiences will remember with repeat exposure to the commercial.

Deploy a Digital Campaign

digitalDigital ads are another important asset to use if you want to raise awareness for your firm. People may see your digital marketing campaigns on social media or the websites they browse via retargeting campaigns. While these audiences may not need your services when they see your ads, they'll be more likely to recall your firm over others if you're the most visible.

Ready to Integrate Your TV and Digital Advertising Effectively?

Make sure to keep up the frequency of your ads to reach anyone who may need your services at the moment. Your ads could feature the firm's lead attorney or the legal team together, with contact details included. Paid search ads can appear in search engines, while image ads may appear on social media and website banners. At the same time, you can use video ads that people may see on YouTube and other video streaming platforms, which can supplement TV commercials.

Leverage Email Marketing 

email marketingEmail marketing can also be useful for attorneys who want to spread the reach of their brand further. Using email, you can reach people who already receive your emails and send emails with referral bonus offers. These offers can encourage people to recommend your firm to others while keeping your firm top-of-mind among audiences.

For example, you may have an email list of prospective or past clientele who receive your emails. Your firm could send useful content and updates to different segments in your email lists monthly. Even if you don't offer referral bonuses, if someone in your network comes across an opportunity to refer someone to an attorney, your firm will likely be the first to come to mind.

Engage on Social Media

social mediaAttorneys also need to develop a social media presence among people in their area. You can attract new clients and maintain referral relationships using social media channels.

Update your profiles regularly with links to educational blog posts, articles, news updates, and other informative content that brings value to your audience. For instance, you could post a blog that details how to avoid winter-related accidents at the beginning of the season. You can also share news about your firm, testimonials from clients, and press releases. 

Invest in the social media platforms where your target audience spends most of their time and keep your content up-to-date. This way, you can build people's trust until it comes time to contact you when they need you.

Set Up Google My Business

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 1.11.25 PMGoogle My Business recently expanded to allow law firms to use this platform. Many businesses use Google My Business to improve both their reputations and visibility in search engines. Now, law firms can also use this to attract more traffic and maintain business listings.

Through Google My Business, people can leave reviews of your firm, which are important to facilitate. Positive Google reviews play a significant role in gaining people's trust, particularly if people leave in-depth reviews about their experience with your firm. Positive reviews also help keep your listing as Google favors well-liked businesses over others with negative reviews.

You can set up a review system similar to a referral system, encouraging people to leave a review. Of course, the best way to encourage positive reviews is to provide an exceptional experience to clients.

Use Marketing to Your Advantage as a Law Firm

If you want to maximize your reach and attract more clients who need your services, it's essential to market your law firm with a long term strategy. By implementing each of these legal marketing ideas, you can ensure that your firm remains visible and recognizable while building trust among your audience.

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