5 Effective Marketing Strategies for Growth Minded Medical Practices

Savannah Babcock

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Dec 9, 2020 10:52:00 AM

5 Effective Marketing Strategies for Growth Minded Medical Practices

Nashville is one of the hottest cities in the country right now. The largest metro area in Tennessee ranks high on the overall Best Places to Live list with a growth rate of 5.55%. That makes it one of the fastest-growing cities in the US.

With this expansion in mind, there's never been a better time to grow your medical practice. To make this influx of new residents aware of your services while remaining relevant for the existing population, you need a marketing strategy that will have the greatest impact on driving patients in your direction.

Here are five marketing techniques that can help you grow your Nashville-based medical practice.

1. Diversified Marketing

marketingThe best marketing efforts meet the audience where they are. To do this effectively, you want to invest time and resources in several forms of contact. Never be afraid to utilize a few different marketing avenues simultaneously.

For example, you might combine a television ad for your dental practice with a social media campaign sponsoring a cause marketing effort. That way, you get to tap into two audiences that share commonality by being inside your target focus. Because they don't necessarily have an excessive amount of cross-over, your range of exposure expands.

Ready to Integrate Your TV and Digital Advertising Effectively?Your media partner can suggest the ideal times to advertise and the most practical combination of marketing tactics. 

2. Strategically Placed Television Ads

TVTV advertising has always worked well for medical businesses. Segment sponsorships place your brand alongside topics that are important to the community. Medical ads that target the elderly are most effective when placed earlier in the week, like Monday or Tuesday, or have recurring time slots Sunday through Wednesday mornings.  

Advertising during live news probably has the broadest impact on your medical practice. For elective cosmetic clinics, a 30-second television commercial attaches a friendly face to your business. This helps potential patients feel like they already know you before they even meet you. This kind of targeted advertising goes a long way toward fostering trust between you and the community.  

3. Effective Email Campaigns

email marketingMarketing via email continues to be one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get your message out. Most people check their email boxes at least once per day. That makes email marketing the ideal avenue to increase brand recognition. Sending out targeted emails helps you stay top-of-mind with your target audience. 

Compared with traditional marketing, email marketing is the most cost-effective. You don't have to pay for postage, print, or ad space, and you can send out emails as frequently as you like. You can evaluate your campaign's success by checking metrics such as the bounce rate, open rate, and click-through rate. Emails that include special offers or some call to action are particularly measurable. 

4. A Solid Digital Presence

digitalMarketing a medical practice is no longer about making cold calls, sending out direct mail, or relying on word of mouth. While these traditional strategies still prove useful, online marketing for your optical clinic can reach a wide range of consumers in a short amount of time.

Digital avenues offer a unique marketing opportunity. Abilities such as geo-fencing take the guesswork out of marketing to get information to the right people at the right time. Digital ads attached to websites and search engines put your brand before those who may be searching for your product now or in the near future. OTT advertising reaches potential clients wherever they are at any time of day. Online videos can feature before and after footage or highlight testimonials from satisfied patients as long as they remain HIPAA compliant.

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A digital presence across multiple sites helps you keep up with the latest trends while remaining on the social radar. 

5. Specialty Specific Advertising

Remember that the time and place you choose to advertise always depends on your target audience. If you are going to meet your customers where they are, you need to conduct research to learn when that group is most likely to be tuned in to your chosen outlets. A media specialist already has access to this information and can help you construct advertising for your brand that matches your specific audience.

If you are ready to expand your medical practice, consider working with a media partner to create a marketing solution that can help you grow right along with Nashville.

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