3 Tips for Diversifying Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

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Sep 28, 2021 10:18:00 AM

3 Tips for Diversifying Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Practicing diversified marketing is a must if you're looking to get more consumer engagement in a crowded online environment. Sure, the typical digital marketing strategies you're used to — like social media and display ads — can be quite valuable for your brand. Still, you expand that potential when you diversify your marketing channels.  

Forbes reports an excellent point made by Jedidiah Alex Koh of Coaching Changes Lives. "If a business relies too much on a particular marketing channel, it is left at its mercy. If and when sudden market forces disturb a channel, the business will find it difficult to rebuild that channel," Koh explains. "Especially in the world of online marketing, the mediums that certain channels use could be wiped out by new legislation or shifts in technology. Thus, it is important to diversify channels." And this is just one of many great reasons. 

Here's how to diversify your digital marketing campaigns to stay ahead of any unexpected curves.  

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1. Personalize your emails to subscribers 

Screen Shot 2021-09-24 at 10.17.24 AMChances are, you've already heard about the rise in personalization regarding customer experiences and satisfaction — but did you know that by personalizing your emails, you set them up for success?   

Personalized email marketing generates a median ROI of 122% and delivers 6x higher transactional rates. As if that wasn't incredible on its own, 50% of companies feel they can increase interaction within email by increasing personalization. Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. 

Along the same lines as treating customers like more than a dollar sign, personalized emails make subscribers feel appreciated and valued by their favorite brands. 

2. Expand to digital marketing channels where your audience spends their time 

Which digital marketing channels you expand into depends largely on your audience. Once you know them well enough to follow them to their favorite digital channels, you will be better able to communicate with them where they're already spending time. 

The key is in your research. For instance, social media is one of the most likely digital platforms you’ll find the majority of generations. However, you'll need to be careful what platforms you put all your energy into. The largest age groups on Facebook and Instagram are between 25 and 34, 30 and 49 on Twitter, 46 and 55 on LinkedIn, and 18 and 24 on TikTok.  

Wherever you find your audience, keep in mind the importance of finding the right times to reach them. For instance, those in the workforce are more likely to hop online before and after work (or during their lunch breaks), so you should send messaging accordingly.  

3. Embrace OTT/streaming marketing as the wave of the future 

Screen Shot 2021-09-24 at 10.17.33 AMYou should also consider OTT advertising if you haven't already. With more and more people becoming cord-cutters, advertising on streaming platforms has become essential to the success and growth of your business.  

Eighty-two percent of US consumers have a video streaming subscription, with four subscriptions being the average. Consumers like streaming because it's affordable and ads are less intrusive. 

Diversify Your Digital Strategy with a Media Partner 

In the end, the best thing you can do for your brand and business is to diversify your digital strategy. The more channels you meet your target audience on, the more likely you are to speed up the process of their purchasing decisions.  

Better yet, diversify your digital strategy with a media partner. This will allow you to skip the stress and headaches of learning new strategies and leverage their marketing expertise.  

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